Saying Goodbye to 2013…


I’m sure this is a feeling that many others will be expressing today as we look back on the year that has been, but it really has flown by!

I feel like I entered 2013 still in the cloud of being a new mum – still sleepless and clueless about what had happened to my life 5 and ½ months earlier and while I loved the little being starting to move all around me I didn’t really feel settled and calm – I didn’t feel at all in control (something I am learning I may never feel again!). I can’t say that I have much more of a clue today, 12 months later but I do feel like I am finally starting to get a handle on what is going on and where the road might be heading.

Although, as I say that, I stand on the cusp of 2014 with many changes about to take place. Our family is on the look out for another place to live just as we were starting to really settle in and feel at home here, my little Sweet Pea is going to start 2 days of day care in January – something I have looked forward to and dreaded with equal measure and perhaps the most daunting change of all, my best friend and soul sister will be moving across the country – a fantastic new adventure but oh so very far away…

So I am grabbing on to 2014 with both hands and holding on for the ride – hopeful that I will have some control of what is about to unfold but at the same time, feeling ok if the ride just takes me along with it (kind of!).

Happy New Year!

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Welcome to A Wondering Life…

About 5 years ago now I entered the blogging world through my reading blog BookBath. I had stumbled upon similar blogs when researching some bookish bits for a reading group I was involved with at the time and I was completely taken in by this part of the online world that connected me with one of my passions in a whole new way.

Blogging through BookBath quickly became a huge part of my life – it was a way to solidify my reading experiences and connect with other people who shared my love and obsession. I discovered new authors, new genres of reading and new friends. I was never particularly prolific with my posting – more sporadic and seasonal – but it was always there as an outlet, an interest –  something for me.

My life ( as lives do!) has changed significantly since I started BookBath back in 2008. I have continued to build on and cement my relationship with my partner of almost thirteen years, we have become parents to a little Sweet Pea who has changed our lives and our hearts irrevocably, my relationships and friendships have grown and blossomed – and some have fallen away, I have travelled to long dreamt of destinations, worked on building a career focussed on supporting people at the most vulnerable points in their lives and through it all I have tried to keep my sense of wonder alive and nourished.

When I had my Sweet Pea just over 12 months ago now I spent a lot of time online – seeking advice, reassurance, friendship, beauty, humour and some sort of sanity! The numerous blogs I discovered helped to support me around my often difficult and confusing parenting experiences, educated and informed me about what else was happening in a world that seemed to have deserted me, made me laugh (often at myself!) and constantly inspired me to live my life the way I wanted and needed to. Through reading these blogs I was able to see a way I might be able to use blogging to bring me back to myself and connect with a wider world at the same time.

I decided at the beginning of this year that I wanted to keep on blogging but that I needed a new space to help me express the changes that have taken place in my life, to reflect on the community and the world in which I am a part of and to connect with others who shared similar, and sometimes, greatly opposing views to mine. I wanted to keep engaging, connecting, searching, discussing and wondering.

So, A Wondering Life begins. I am not entirely sure in which direction it will head at this stage – but I think that might be part of the joy of it, just taking it out for a spin and seeing where it will go. I invite you to come along for the ride, who knows where we might end up…


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