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Keep Breathing


It’s been a while, a long while, since I’ve been in this space. I’m not sure that it has been a deliberate absence– there have been many times when I have wanted to be here but the thought and desire hasn’t actually converted into action. This place is my rest and my relief – it’s not meant to be an effort to land here and stay a while.

Other things in my life have felt overloaded with effort. Heavy and tough. At the end of a seemingly endless day mindless TV, chocolate and tea beckon – not more thinking and processing.

But I’m here now. Why now? Who the hell knows but it feels like it is definitely time to reconnect and “write it out”!

The world has kept turning while A Wondering Life has been resting, sometimes in unexpected and ugly, violent ways. In my life, and in the bigger picture, things are taking place that I have no control over, no say in which way they will go, the ultimate outcome beyond me. Powerlessness overtakes me at times, fear and sadness interspersed with moments of utter joy and pride as my Sweet Pea grows and asserts herself as a force to be reckoned with.

And with all of this I keep breathing. Gratefully, hopefully – breathing.  Ingrid Michaelson sings it beautifully if, like me, you need this mantra in your life right now…

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Accentuate the Positive


I wouldn’t describe myself as a glass half full or a glass half empty kind of girl. I am definitely not Pollyanna in my approach to life (being a social worker for almost 18 years will pretty much take care of that!) but neither would I describe myself as having a doom and gloom take of the world. I like to think I can see some light through the crap – or at the very least have some hope of the light approaching eventually.

But at the moment that is feeling like a bloody hard struggle. Life feels tough. And the reality is that my life is far from tough.

So, in an attempt to bring myself back to MY reality and focus on what is actually going along ok in this world of mine I am going to indulge in a little Oprah style gratitude listing! Some positive things to focus on when life doesn’t feel all that positive…

1. I have a gorgeous, funny, bright, healthy and (mostly!) happy daughter. She pushes my limits every. single. day but that’s normal (or so the books, websites and blogs I keep devouring tell me!)

2. I have a partner who I love and who loves me – despite my flaws, OCD tendencies and type A organisational manic behaviour!

3. I have a great support network, friends and family who will help out when the going gets tough – I just need to ask.

4. I am pretty healthy – sure, I could stand to lose a bit of weight, eat better and exercise more but I have a body and mind that lets me do the things I want and need to.

5. I have great colleagues – work mates who make going to some tough jobs so much easier.

6. I do not live in poverty or surrounded by war and conflict. My daughter is growing up in a relatively safe environment – something I take for granted but at the same time am grateful for every day

7. I can pay my bills and I have food in my cupboard – I know a lot of people for whom this is a daily struggle and worry

8. I have choices. When my mind is overcome by stress and busyness this is often the thing I forget first. I have choices about what happens in my life and what direction I take from here.

9. I laugh every day. There is a lot of funny shit in the world – and a lot of it just happens to take place in my house!

10. I have hope. A lot of people who I work with as a social worker don’t have this and I have seen first hand how detrimental and soul destroying it is for people. I always have hope, Hope that things will change but most of all, hope that the 10 things I have just listed stay exactly the same.

How about you? Do you need a little bit of positive in your day? What do you focus on when life feels shit?


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