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Hi, I’m Karen, the wonderer behind “A Wondering Life”

My life currently consists of being:

– A mother to a feisty, funny, energetic 2 year old, Sweet Pea

– A partner to a patient, loving, loyal, smart, Corvette loving Arsenal fan

– A daughter, sister, aunty and friend to some pretty special big and little people

– A social worker in a community mental health team, a university lecturer and a social researcher in the health field

– An avid reader and writer

– A heavy tea drinker

Some of my favourite things:

– Sitting in the sun, in my favourite Ikea chair with a great book, a cup of tea and some chocolate

– Travelling with my partner and Sweet Pea. Fiji was our first trip as a family of 3 and we are hoping to get to Hawaii next year and then Italy the year after that.

– Buying new notebooks and pens – I have draws full of them…

– Getting my hair cut and coloured – nothing like that fresh from the salon feeling!

– Baking – I detest all other cooking but give me a recipe for a cake or a biscuit and I will be in the kitchen

– Fresh flowers on my dining room table

– My daughter’s giggle – it truly is an infectious sound

– Time to myself – rare and treasured!


A Wondering Life is a space I have created to share my thoughts on life, motherhood, work, travel, books and writing. I hope you will join me with your own wonderings…



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