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Batten Down The Hatches


A few weeks ago I wrote a post for Her Sisterhood about the importance of letting go. I wrote about needing to let go of emotions that were holding us down, or back. Emotions that were no longer serving a purpose apart from making our minds swirl on a constant loop – over, and over, and over again.

The last few weeks have been tough ones in our particular world meaning that loop has been in overdrive. Many things have been happening that have caused strong emotions to overflow on an almost daily basis – tensions have been high, drama has seemed to be never-ending, beloved brothers have been through major surgery and sleep has been fractured. In amongst all of this day-to-day life has kept on spinning – as it does. Work is constant and busy, groceries need to be bought, clothes washed, pets fed and children read to at night. It’s hard to gain some space to think about what can be let go of – and how.

So instead, I find myself drawing inwards. Closing ranks with just myself, my partner and our Sweet Pea allowed in. We’re battening down the hatches for a while – moving outwards when we need to but only for a little while, to connect with special people and our closest friends. Taking some time to breathe, recharge and hopefully come back out into the world with a bit more energy and enthusiasm. It’s not an easy thing to do – especially in this day and age – people seem to expect connectedness at all times and I truly don’t believe that is necessarily healthy or possible. In my work I see clients all the time that are overflowing with other peoples expectations of them and for them – they almost always feel burdened and overwhelmed by this but they find it very difficult to break away. It’s hard to walk away from the expected “shoulds” in our lives but it is ok to make that decision for yourself.  It’s ok to take a break from the world when you need to, it’s ok to say no, it’s ok to disappoint people.

This weekend I will be spending time with those I love most, chilling out, reading, watching bad TV and eating yummy things. Hopefully by the time Monday rolls around I will feel like coming out of my cocoon. We’ll see…


Fave Podcasts


I stumbled upon podcasts last year when I was doing a lot of travelling to Sydney for work. They turned out to be a great way to make a 4 hour round trip go very quickly! I’m not doing as much travelling these days – and with a 4 year old co-passenger I’m more likely singing along to Elsa or Justine Clarke – but I still try to listen to some of my faves when I have the chance.

  1. Chat 10 Looks 3 – this is the podcast that started it all for me. Two of my favourite Aussie journo’s  Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales talking about books, TV, movies, politics, cooking and any other topic they can think of really. It’s unscripted, often extremely funny and you always end up with a ton of recommendations to add to your reading or watching lists. Highly recommended!
  2. Conversations with Richard Fidler – Another podcast that has me hooked. Richard Fidler has my dream job – talking with a different interesting person every day and getting paid for it! Even if I think the person he is interviewing isn’t of much interest to me I always enjoy his discussions and insights.
  3. Modern Love – I started listening to this one recently on the advice of my friend and it has very quickly become a favourite. The first episode I heard was the bonus Emmy Edition episode and it had me in tears driving down the highway!
  4. The New York Times Book Review Podcast – This satisfies the bibliophile in me. Although obviously quite American in its focus I’ve still heard a lot of great reviews about books I have then added to my reading list.
  5. The West Wing WeeklyI am so far behind with this one but I promise myself I will find time to catch up soon!  As the name suggests this podcast is reviewing an episode of the TV show The West Wing week by week. They often have actors, writers and directors from the show on providing their insights and if you love this show (as I do!) it is a great way to relive the glory that was The West Wing!
  6. All in the Mind – a fantastic Australian podcast looking at all things psychology, mental health, brain and behaviour – interesting and informative all in one!
  7. Magic Lessons – Best selling author, Elizabeth Gilbert, interviews different writers, artists, musicians and other creative individuals about their work and inspirations. Gilbert is a fantastic interviewer and like Richard Fidler, even if I am not particularly interested in the person she is talking with I always take something away from their discussions.
  8. Phoebe’s Fall – I have only just come across this one but I’m sure it is going to be a favourite. I would think that all fans of the Serial podcast would enjoy this one too – a week by week investigation of the 2010 death of Melbourne woman Phoebe Handsjuk.
  9. The Full CatastropheI have only listened to the episode with Annabel Crabb so far but if that is anything to go by there will be a laugh a minute with this one!
  10. EarshotAnother ABC podcast – similar to Conversations in a lot of ways but covering broader topic areas in a shorter time frame – great for when you only have half an hour or less to listen.

How about you? Any others you think I should add to my list?


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