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A Guilt Free Weekend


I thought it might be nice to write a follow up to this post where I lamented the mother guilt that seems to follow me around ALL THE TIME these days.

Last weekend I went to Melbourne with one of my best friends and while we were there we spent a day with another one of my best friends. I was so excited about the weekend but was also feeling that ever dreaded sense of guilt that comes with being a mother and spending time doing anything other than mothering. Well, I am happy to report that a wonderful weekend was had with virtually NO GUILT involved! My friends and I ate and drank and shopped and ate and drank a bit more. We walked (LOTS of walking – my friend has the FitBit data to prove it!) and talked and laughed and it was fantastic. I missed my darlings back home but I did not begrudge myself this weekend away. The moral to the story – feel the guilt and do it anyway!

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My baby is Three


My baby turned 3 at the end of July – meaning I need to face the fact that she’s really not a baby anymore.

I know every parent says it, and I know I am only jumping on the “where does the time go?” bandwagon, but seriously – where does the bloody time go???

Those early weeks and months were so hard – like “What the fuck have I got myself into hard??” I remember at times being able to project myself forward to a time like now and being able to look back and wish I hadn’t wished those early months away but at the time all I could hang on to was the fact that she would quickly grow and become more independent and even one miraculous day – sleep!!

Well those days are here. And while I do at times grieve the loss of my baby I am loving the little girl I have. I said to one of my colleagues the other day “I like her now!” And it’s so true. I have always loved her but the like part took a lot longer to come for me.

So, following in the footsteps of other bloggers I am writing a (belated!) letter to my Sweet Pea today for her 3rd Birthday….

Dearest Girl,

Happy Birthday to my clever, funny, loud, temperamental, feisty, energetic, fun-loving, Peppa Pig obsessed, donut loving girl.

You push every single one of my buttons every single day but your smile truly does light up a room. You are so loving of your teddy, Meowie and bubbies and our kitten George gets all of your attention whether he likes it or not!

You are clear about what you want, and definitely what you don’t want. I love your powers of negotiation and persuasion– I said to your dad the other night, they should send you to the Middle East – you’d soon sort them out. You are still learning to regulate those emotions – when things get too much you can easily lose the plot – big time!! I have never known a child so committed to their tantrums and screaming – you can hang in there for the longest time. I love your level of dedication while and the same time fearing for my sanity!

You love to read and you have started asking us to “show” you the words – you want to have all of the information for yourself – you want to learn and know – I love this so much and hope you carry this love of learning with you for your entire life.

You love Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly, Charlie and Lola and Curious George (I blame Aunty Ali for this last one!) and you know your way around an iPad always discovering those banal American YouTube videos on how to play with your toys that are sending us around the bend!

You are obsessed with all things donuts, ice creams, watermelon and (to my utmost joy) Paris. You ask all the time about visiting Paris and the Eiffel Tower – I can’t wait to take you there one day soon.

You have a wicked sense of humour and imagination – on a good day you will run around screaming out the most ridiculous words and phrases that are a combination of you, your love of Lola-isms and other random bits and pieces. Your latest is “moo-cheese” and we have no idea why! You love to scream it out at the top of your voice and laugh hysterically to yourself.

You love playing with the grown ups in your life and you can convince even the most hardened adult to play tea parties with you. You love all your cousins too – big and small.

You are not placid or easy going and as much as that drives me crazy at times I am also beginning to love that this is your way – you don’t take any shit my girl and this will serve you well into your future.

Happy 3rd Birthday my amazing, spirited child – you are the light of my world. xxx

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