Just in time


This Easter long weekend has come at the perfect time for our little household. Even the arrival of bleak weather has not dampened our spirits – we’ve just bunkered down, read books, watched movies, napped, eaten chocolate (probably a little too much…) and drunk lots of tea.

This time out was needed. Very much needed.

As my last post indicated, things have been a little rough, temperament wise, around these parts of late. I’m very happy to report that things seem to have taken a turn for the better in this department (insert symbolic knock on wood as I type those words!). Tantrums are on the decline and semi-rational negotiation and discussion are taking their place.

But we have still been tired, and over worked, and tired, and tired some more.

I have been working long hours and often travelling through the week – leaving my partner at home base with Sweet Pea – trying to manage his own freelance workload on top of being an amazing dad.

It’s a new situation for us – for all of Sweet Pea’s life it’s been me who has been the main “stay at home” parent with some part-time, out of the home work thrown in for good measure. The tables have now been turned and it has taken some getting use to for all of us.

And so a long weekend with no real plans to enable us to rest and reconnect has been bliss. The work has still needed to be done but at least we’ve had a bit of space to do that in – breathing space.

And tomorrow we head off to Sydney for a mini break and a catch up with a beloved friend and her little girl. Just what is needed.

How about you? Has the Easter long weekend been a time out for you too?

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