Stop and Eat the Ice Cream

Pia ice cream

I’m writing this post sitting in a hotel room a couple of hundred kilometres away from my partner and Sweet Pea. I’ve had a looooooong day at work, my mind is spinning with all that I have to do, chase up, complete, write, process. I’m dehydrated from a day of not drinking enough water and talking too much. I’m looking forward to a glass of wine, trashy TV, my book and a bed ALL TO MYSELF!!!

But I’m also aching for the two people I love most in the world at the same time – those kilometres seem like eons at the moment. Why is it we crave, long for, desire, demand time away just to ourselves and then when we finally get it it’s the last thing we want??!!!

I keep being drawn back to this post. I have thought about it a lot since I wrote it – I think that was one of the main reasons I put it “out there” – I wanted to be accountable to it. I didn’t want to have these thoughts, ideas and grand plans and then just keep on the same track – ignoring the fact that things need to change somewhere along the line if I want my values to be front and centre in my life.

So even though I continue to work hard, and sometimes long and distant hours, I am slowly but surely carving out time and space for other  more valued parts of my life.

Like time for ice cream, and swings in the park, and walks along the lake, and tea parties with Teddy and Kitty, and reading great books, and talking about “real” things and starting to make connections.

It’s not enough, but it’s enough for now.


How about you? Are you taking time out to eat the ice cream??

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