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Friday Finds #2


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We have had a bit of a trying week here with toddler tantrums and other fun things toddler related but hopefully we are coming out the other side of that now (I’m bloody hoping we are anyway!). I’ve set up a new work/study/blogging area in the corner of our dining room which is enabling me to actually sit down and get some stuff done occasionally and I have a brand new lap top to work on which is amazing (my other lap top died 12 months ago now so I have been waiting for its replacement for a while!). In amongst all of that I have still discovered plenty of new reads for my second instalment of Friday Finds – Enjoy!

This incident made me so angry – why oh why can’t professional women sports people be treated that way??? I love Clementine Ford’s take on it.

– I heard an interview on ABC radio this week with The Smith Family saying they currently have a lack of volunteers for this wonderful program – am thinking it might be something I can do this year.

– I’m seriously wanting one of these gorgeous Laura Blythman prints for Sweet Pea’s room…

– I’m absolutely loving this book – raw, honest, amazing writing. Can’t wait to see the movie too.

– This has been the week I have finally got my butt moving – doing some exercise every day. Walking, back to my pilates class and have discovered these fantastic, free at home work out videos too

– One of my friends is thinking about going to this incredible writers retreat. She has asked if I would like to go too – oh I SO wish I could! How amazing does it sound??

How about you? What has tickled your fancy this week??


Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Welcome to my new weekly post – Friday Finds! Each Friday I’ll be writing a list post talking about some of the things I have been reading, watching, discovering, laughing about, crying over etc… over the past week. This will be a good way for me to keep track of the things that fly through my phone, face book page, Instagram feed and other places but hopefully also an interesting read for you. So, my Friday Finds for this week…

– I’ve just ordered this book – it’s supposed to be “the next” Gone Girl so very much looking forward to getting it into my hot little hands.

This is just pure gold for any Hermione Granger fans out there…

– Have just finished The Book of Strange New Things and Glitter and Glue – completely different books but loved them both (and will write more about them in my reading wrap up at the end of the month)

– I’ve just bought one of these on the advice of my best friend – does anyone else have one? Any great ideas for recipes?

– Am really tempted to buy tickets for this… Has anyone been to a Spiegelworld show?? Recommended?

– I have bought tickets for the All About Women Festival in March and am very much looking forward to it already…

This has amused me greatly (and yes, I did vote for Tay!)

How about you? What are your finds for the week?




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