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8 Things About Me

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You may ( or may not) have noticed that I am yet to complete the “About Me” page for this blog. I know, I know, it’s THE most important page – especially for a newby blogger such as myself and it is needed so that readers can feel connected to the woman behind “A Wondering Life”. The truth is, I think I am struggling to feel connected to that woman at the moment – so writing a raw, honest, this is me in all my authenticity kind of spiel is a little hard right now. I really want to write it, but I think I’m afraid of getting it wrong. Crazy I know!

So, I thought I would write a few little bites about myself in the hope that you will feel you have gotten to know me just a little more, and maybe, in a round about way, it will help me wander along to my “About Me” page really soon…

1. I am a social worker by day. At the moment I am working in a community mental health service but in the past I have worked in a major hospital in an  Intensive Care Unit, a Brain Injury Service, The Department of Public Prosecutions, SIDS and Kids and Forensic Medicine. My passion is working with people in crisis. My job drains me and inspires me at the same time.

2. I have a few OCD-ish tendencies. I might wait until we know each other better to fill you in on all of them but one I will share now is my absolute need to finish all emails, cards and letters I send to friends and family with a kiss – never a hug. xoxox

3. I find motherhood a real challenge. I love my daughter to bits but by god, being a mum is a struggle for me a lot of the time.

4. I would like to create a new position (which I feel I would be qualified to fill) entitled “Supreme Decider of What Movie Ideas Should Get Funding”. I am honestly baffled by the amount of money spent on some movies that offer nothing of value when people in our world live in poverty. Independence Day you would have been on my hit list.

5. My favourite TV show of all time is “Friends”. I share a lot of the same qualities as the character Monica (maybe I should just copy her bio for my About Page??) and my best friend and I like to battle it out for who knows the most trivia about the show. I believe there is no situation in life for which a “Friends” quote is not suitable.

6. I love cemeteries. I love the sense of history, place and emotion they evoke and the stories they can tell.

7. If I could choose to have anyone’s job in the world it would be Richard Fidlers 

8. I am turning 40 at the end of this year. A number that used to scare me, but now seems full of promise and opportunity.

Well, that wasn’t so hard I guess! How about you? I would love for you to share one thing about yourself in the comments so that I can get to know you better..


Coming through the other side

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There has been blog silence for the past couple of weeks but that honestly feels like the only part of my life that HAS been silent! So many Birthdays and celebrations, parents returning from overseas trips, work to catch up on, washing to try and get dry and snot to wipe away. Oh my god – so much snot! The flu has visited our house in a big way taking all three of us down separately and then together. There is nothing like a good dose of the flu to stop you in your tracks. No matter how much I wanted to push forward I just couldn’t – I needed to slow down as much as I could and just let the germs wash over me ( that brings about a totally revolting picture doesn’t it??!).

Just before germ city hit I had signed up for this program in an attempt to lose some weight and get fitter – basically just to start moving my butt again. I have done this program before with good results – I’m not one for the whole cheer girl method of fitness (the “You go girl” type of message just doesn’t work for me) but I have found the meals in the program delicious and easy to cook (always a winner in my life) and the exercise tips do work for me too. Thanks to my winter illness I’m now behind in the plan which would usually see me throwing in the towel all together but I’m determined to push on (literally and figuratively!) and get this shit done! Too many excuses for too long me thinks…

Some other things happening around here:

– I’m planning a trip to Melbourne with Sweet Pea in October to see one of my oldest and dearest friends. So looking forward to this…

– Will be buying tickets to see one of my favourite Aussie performers

– Am feeling lucky to have tickets to see this past Prime Minister

– I’ll be increasing my work hours as from next week which means the hunt is on for a fantastic house cleaner to help out around this place. I’ve finally realised I just can’t do everything.

Now that the snot seems to be drying up some routine is slowly coming back into the household and I feel like my head is above water for the first time in a long time – I can breathe just a little easier, and that’s always a nice thing.

How about you? Has the flu dampened your life lately? Any exciting things to look forward to as Spring arrives?


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