And now you are two

Perth July 2014 050

 To my Sweet Pea,

I know every parent says this but I really, truly cannot believe how fast you are growing up! And it’s not just the physical stuff (although I am convinced you will be taller than me by the time you’re 3) but it’s the real growing that you seem to be doing on a day by day, even hour by hour, basis. By real growing I mean the growing that shows us the essence of who you are and who you might be becoming. I want to make sure I don’t forget how you are right now…

–         I love your beautiful manners, saying sorry to inanimate objects like doors and walls when you run into them, “sorry door” and (nearly) always saying “Shankyou mummy” when I bring you your milk, toast, teddy bear, dummy…

–         But I love that you don’t let yourself be pushed around either. The way you clearly say “stop” and hold up your hand is so cute now but I want you to hold on to that for when you are older – I want you to always be able to say no when you need to

–         Your love, bordering on obsession, for Peppa Pig! You can spot a Peppa Pig book while walking through a shopping centre and hone in on your target. I love watching you love something so much – even if it is a cartoon pig!

–         I (almost always!) love your energy – you are like an ever ready battery just ready to go ALL THE TIME! You jump from one activity to the next – always looking for your next adventure

–         You are really settling into daycare, making friends and enjoying the activities (and the food!)

–         You are pushing those boundaries and the tantrums and screaming fits are coming thick and fast at the moment. Your daddy and I keep reminding ourselves that you are “only two” and apparently there are lots of brain changes going on for you right now.

–         You have taken to falling asleep in our bed – and staying there all night… We will be buying you your very own big girl bed VERY SOON!

–         I love your cheeky smile and your “cute face” which is reserved for photos and trying to get another biscuit from us!

 Happy Birthday baby girl – may there be trampolines, chocolate cake, balloons and Peppa all day long! xox

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